Plastering is a way to provide a finished look for both the inside and outside of your building. Over time, the plaster may start to crack. It may have also been damaged in one way or another. To enhance the image that you have within the community, MWA Decorating can work with you to provide plastering services for all areas of your home.

When we come out to provide you with plastering services, we can cover all areas including:

  • - Exterior
  • - Bathroom
  • - Kitchen
  • - Bedrooms

We can provide interior plastering to make improvements, repairs, and do so in emergencies as well.

Plastering involves skimming the walls and ceilings to ensure a polished finish. From there, you can choose to paint or wallpaper - and our professionals are happy to help you in this area as well.

Rendering is another service that we offer. This has to do with adding sand and cement to otherwise exposed brick or block. A smooth finish can be created and made to be waterproof as well.

Whether you need work with plaster boarding or simply plastering, we are capable of providing you with quality surfaces to enhance the look of your walls and ceilings both inside and out. Our staff will come out to your home to inspect the damage, provide you with an array of options, and then issue you a quotation so you know exactly what the costs are for these services.

Plastering photo