Wallpaper hanging

Throughout your home, you may be looking to enhance the appearance of certain rooms. This may include adding colours as well as textures. Wallpaper hanging can be done by MWA Decorating in order to enhance the overall look of your rooms.

We have a significant amount of experience with wallpaper hanging and our interior decorators can also provide assistance when it comes to choosing a design for a particular room. There are more types of wallpaper on the market than ever before, offering you quality designs. You can choose from various colours and prints, materials, textures, and levels of gloss. This ensures that you have a stunning wall covering that will be a long-term solution for a room in your house.

Depending on where the wallpaper is being hung, you may decide to have it as a border or as a half wall. These can be visually pleasing and provide you with just a dash of character as opposed to covering an entire wall in decorative paper.

Our technicians will come in and roll the wallpaper on, ensuring that it is straight, cut properly, and rolled on without any air bubbles. Once dried, it will be flat to the wall, giving you the best possible look. We can then work with you on coordinating wall colours as well as interior design to provide a luxurious look from room to room.

When you are ready to learn more about our wallpaper hanging services, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Wallpaper hanging photo